Rotary labeling machines can be used for several purposes depending on the requirement.  It can paste self-adhesive labels on bottles, cylindrical containers and square containers. There is a stepping motor, 4 rolling heads and thermal heads equipped in the machine. The parts of the Rotary Labelling Machine are made of industrial grade stainless steel. The machine comes with advanced technology for high efficiency and accuracy.

Rotary Labelling Machine is an automatic labelling machine that is used for labelling products. The machine can label up to 700 bottles per minute. There are multiple labelling heads present in the machine that ensure multiple labels can be applied on the bottles at high speeds. The rotary system is ideal for distilled spirits, champagne, wine, and others as well.


Rotary Labelling Machine is up to the mark when it comes to safety and reliability. There are various features and an incorporated mechanism that ensures safe labeling. The machine also comes with a safety covering.

High-speed machines

Rotary Labelling Machine comes equipped with cutting edge technology, automatic features and are easy to maintain. The machine is reliable, study and easy to use at very high spends with great accuracy. The machine also comes with a colour touch screen panel for operating the machine with great ease.

Rotary Labelling Machine is a highly versatile machine that can apply labels at breakneck speeds. The machine transports bottles or containers to a turntable where there are individual platforms that rotate the bottle to the right side of the bottle so that the labeler can apply labels correctly.  When the product passes, they are labelled and moved along the conveyor at high speeds. 

The cost

The cost of the machine varies as they have different features. Each machine is customized as per the client’s requirements.

The Rotary Labelling Machine is robust and reliable. WorldPack Automation Systems provide the best range of automatic labelling machines to suit every client requirement. Contact them for buying the best labeling machine at affordable prices.

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